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Embroidered lace shoelaces by Frieda Jung - Made in Germany

A highlight of our collection. Our premium lace embroidered shoelaces are elegant yet playful and guaranteed to raise the profile of your shoes. Designed and embroidered in the German state of Saxony, we source our embroidery threads from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, ensuring you only the finest quality.

Available in red, grey or turquoise, they really are something a bit different for your shoes. Our embroidered lace shoelaces are available in lengths of 45cm, 60cm, 75cm, 90cm and 120cm, so you can rest assured you will find the perfect fit. The best way to find the correct length of shoelace for your shoe, however, is by simply comparing the measurements with your current shoelaces. Suggestions on which shoelace length is right for you are also available in the product description.