My shoelace knots don't hold well? Which knots or laces hold best?

The durability of knots or better loops on our own shoes is essentially dependent on the type of knot and the material of the lace.

The movement of the shoe while walking itself and the resulting "fluttering" of the loop ends with each step can gradually loosen the knot.

The higher the synthetic content, the lower the frictional force under the fibres and the lace can loosen more often. Ergo, cotton laces hold the loop better, but they don't have to be decisive for the right knot.

And now the most important thing: the "right" way of tying the bow, as probably few people know, plays a role. The so-called starting knot simply has to be right. Then every loop will hold. Watch our video on how to do it right! Have a look at our video reference here.