Customer account

How and when will I receive a refund?

You will receive your refund after we have received your goods. The refund will be made to your chosen payment method.

Can I also order without registering?

Of course, you also have the option of completing an order without registering. In this case, you will not create a customer account.

Please note: Changes to the order or customer data or the redemption of vouchers is not possible in this way via the customer account. Only the contact form is available for this purpose.

Where can I track the status of my order?

You can view the status of your order at any time in your customer account, provided you registered when placing your order. Orders that are not registered will only receive an order confirmation by e-mail.

How can I delete my customer account? 

Please send us the cancellation request of your customer account via contact form or email. Please include your name and customer number. We will process it immediately and inform you about the status. 

A customer account can only be cancelled if there are no outstanding payments.