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Round Laces

Round Shoelaces by Frieda Jung

At Frieda Jung, we have something for everybody. Our elegant and casual shoelaces are perfect for leather, suede, patent-leather, business shoes or your sneakers. If you require something a bit more heavy-duty, we also have thicker round shoelaces, perfect for working shoes or for when you need a little extra strength. Choosing the right kind of round shoelace depends a lot on your shoe style. For example, a fine waxed lace with a diameter of 2.5mm fits best to a high-quality business shoe. A thick round lace of 5mm diameter suits chucks or leisure shoes. The best approach is to always look inside your shoe in advance to check what shoelaces are best for you. How long and how wide are your shoelaces? As soon as you know that, find the right colour and voila, you have got yourself some excellent brand spanking new laces. Our round laces are perfect for your leisure shoes, business shoes and work shoes. The round laces by Frieda Jung are delivered without a banderole and are tearproof, washable and abrasion-resistant.