Buy high-quality shoelaces from Frieda Jung online


Buy high-quality shoelaces from Frieda Jung conveniently and easily online

Shoelaces by Frieda Jung are not just shoelaces. Not only do they look good, but they also bring joy to you and your shoe. At Frieda Jung, we offer round laces, flat laces, laces for trekking shoes, outdoor- and hiking shoes, work shoes, elastic sport laces and laces for alpine sports. You can also buy your reflective laces, fine satin or velvet laces and even elastic adjustable lacing systems for sports shoes here online. Find your perfect shoelace and reinvent the look of your shoes with laces by Frieda Jung.

Which length is the right length?

To make your order online with Frieda Jung hassle-free and quick, here is our recommendation in buying the right length of our shoelaces. The right size of the shoelaces depends on the number of eyelets on your shoe. When choosing your brand spanking new laces, remember that shoe type, the distance between the eyelets and your preferred lacing style should be kept in consideration.

As a guide, two pairs of eyelets accommodate around 45 cm of a shoelace. Shoes with 5 to 6 eyelet pairs, such as sneakers and trainers, require laces with a length of between 90 and 120 cm. For boots and lace-up boots with 8 to 10 eyelet pairs, you will need 150cm and 180cm long shoelaces. The best way to find the right length for you is to measure your current laces. If that sounds like too much work, then have no fear! Each of our products has a handy sizing guide, so finding the right size is as straightforward as possible.

Colour and style for your look with shoelaces by Frieda Jung

Depending on your shoe type, you will find unique laces for shoes of all purposes. For example, you will discover robust laces for all of your outdoor needs, such as hiking, trekking, and mountaineering. These laces are made to be incredibly tough for all outdoor enthusiasts. Apart from classic laces, you will also find elastic and stretchy shoelaces for your sports shoes and sneakers. Simple traditional shoelaces are naturally also available. With thin, thick, flat, round, coloured, printed and waxed shoelaces in our assortment, you are sure to find what you need.

The right colour for every purpose and shoe

In a nutshell, there are no limits to the choice of colours for the laces of your shoe, you can set any trend. If you're looking for bold colours to complement your outfit or contrasting laces to enhance your look, Frieda Jung has got you covered! Should you, however, need laces for an elegant suit or go to work with style, then the colour of your laces need to be carefully considered! In such instances, shoelaces should always be a little darker than the colour of the leather. For this purpose, you will find fine waxed laces, which are also water-repellent, keep your shoes looking great for quite some time. So take a look at the vast selection at Frieda Jung and find the perfect laces for your shoes.