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Tartan/Plaid Laces

Plaid ribbon / tartan chiffon laces from Frieda Jung.
'Wow, those are some cool tartan shoelaces you have on there, where did you get them!?', 'Oh, these? Just my new wide plaid shoelaces, pretty great huh? I got them from Frieda Jung! I only shop at Frieda Jung; they have the biggest and best choice of laces around, so you can always find something, no matter how quirky or straight your style'. If you have never had such a conversation, then you have been shopping in the wrong place. At Frieda Jung, you can find the perfect shoelaces and be different from the others! From the broad assortment of coloured plaid/tartan shoelaces, you can find one that fits perfectly to your outfit, shoes or clothes. Furthermore, they come in different lengths so you can tartan up your trainers, chucks or boots! Simple right? At Frieda Jung, we are at our happiest when you can be yourself with your shoe fashion or style.