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My shoelace knots don't hold well? Which knots or laces hold best?

The durability of knots or better loops on our own shoes is essentially dependent on the type of knot and the material of the lace.

The movement of the shoe while walking itself and the resulting "fluttering" of the loop ends with each step can gradually loosen the knot.

The higher the synthetic content, the lower the frictional force under the fibres and the lace can loosen more often. Ergo, cotton laces hold the loop better, but they don't have to be decisive for the right knot.

And now the most important thing: the "right" way of tying the bow, as probably few people know, plays a role. The so-called starting knot simply has to be right. Then every loop will hold. Watch our video on how to do it right! Have a look at our video reference here.

Polyester or cotton - which is the right material for a lace?

Each type of fabric has its own advantages and disadvantages. This is also true for polyester and cotton. The slight advantage lies purely in the care and use of polyester laces. The polyester shoelace is a very quick-drying shoelace, as moisture is not stored in contrast to cotton. Dirt also does not stick to it as much as with a cotton lace. On the other hand, a cotton lace can look more elegant than a polyester lace. However, if you appreciate the visual advantages of a cotton lace, you will get a visually adequate product with one of our cord laces. If you want the shoelace to have a stylish touch, especially for leather shoes / business shoes, we also have waxed shoelaces in our range.

Why do my shoelaces break?

Our high-quality laces are very tear-resistant, but if you have a sharp-edged eyelet or hook, as is often the case with cheap shoes, the lace will simply chafe over time and become thinner and thinner at this point. And then, one morning, when you have to be in a hurry, the shoelace is torn.

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Shipping & Delivery
What are the shipping costs and when is my order free of shipping costs?

The shipping costs within Germany are a flat rate of 1.29 euros. Shipping is free from an order value of 15 euros within Germany.

The shipping costs worldwide are a flat rate of 3.60 euros. Worldwide shipping is free of charge for orders over 25 Euro.

You can also find our terms and conditions under payment and dispatch

By the way.... the environment is important to us so we avoid any unnecessary packaging.

How does the delivery take place?

Delivery is made by Deutsche Post as a letter, goods post or, in certain cases, parcel via DHL.

When will my goods be shipped?

We ship your goods on the same day for orders placed before 16:00. Orders placed after 16:00 will be shipped the next working day. Orders will only be shipped after payment has been received.

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Payment questions
What payment options are available?

We offer the following payment options:

- Bank transfer

- Amazon Pay

- Paypal

Where can I find the account details for my payment by bank transfer?

Our account information is as follows:

Owner name: Frieda Jung

Bank: Commerzbank

IBAN: DE86 8704 0000 0124 4540 00


Important: Always state your order number as the reason for payment.

This way we can track your payment quickly and your delivery will arrive faster.

How do I receive my invoice?

After a successful purchase, you will receive your invoice as an email in PDF format. As a registered member, you will also find your invoice in your customer account.

Gift wrapping questions
Is gift wrapping available?

Yes, we have a gift box for you. You can add it in the article as an order (click on the gift box) or later in the shopping cart.

What is the cost of gift wrapping and are there additional postage costs for gift wrapping?

Our gift packaging costs €3.20 per piece. There are no additional shipping costs to our flat shipping rate.

Customer account
How and when will I receive a refund?

You will receive your refund after we have received your goods. The refund will be made to your chosen payment method.

Can I also order without registering?

Of course, you also have the option of completing an order without registering. In this case, you will not create a customer account.

Please note: Changes to the order or customer data or the redemption of vouchers is not possible in this way via the customer account. Only the contact form is available for this purpose.

Where can I track the status of my order?

You can view the status of your order at any time in your customer account, provided you registered when placing your order. Orders that are not registered will only receive an order confirmation by e-mail.

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